Art and Music Experience. Sound and color both hold vibration. We created a vibrational experience for you to have in your home. Listen to this song with light language and relax while you take in the energies of the painting. This Experience is a breath of creation. Soothing and activating all at the same time.





- 16" X 20" Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas with framing.

- 1 Channeled Musical Experience with Light Language 


The music was created for the intention to be listened to while looking at the art. It's a full visual and auditory experience.


This is an exclusive offering for those who want a profound journey at their fingertips.  


See video above for a 16 second preview of the musical experience.


You will receive the original artwork and song to your email.


**Both the art and music were created in Lizzie's art studio at the same time.



*Size of Art in photos is not exact, but meant to give you the feel of it in a space

Creation (Original)