Are you ready to step forward more embodied, more in your power, and more into your gifts than ever before? 

Are you ready to shine brightly in your sovereign divinity? 

Are you ready to be so deeply connected to your intuition that no matter what is happening around you or in the world, you can be in your center and know exactly what to do and when to do it? 

Are you ready to deepen your spiritual connection? 

Tired of holding on to wounds from the past, yet not sure how to truly heal, let go, and move on? 

Are you ready to take personal responsibility for your life so you can have healthy and thriving relationships? 

Are you ready to connect more deeply with your body and to truly embody your higher aspects? 

Are you feeling the call to be in connection with more people during this time and to grow soulful connections and community?

Also, are you ready to not take it all so seriously? To grow with joy and play? To expand your expression and creativity? 

If you are a YES to the above.

Then, hello dear soul. 

Now is the time. I invite you to be held in this group mentorship container where you will take a deep dive into your internal landscape. This will be an intimate and sacred container for you to heal, expand, connect, and grow! If you are feeling the YES, then divinity has already orchestrated you to be here with the most aligned souls. 

This is a call for those souls who are feeling a resonance to deepen at this time. Given the current affairs, now more than ever is a time to go inward and grow. This is what is being called forward for humanity right now. 

This is an opportunity for you to be supported in that growth. In a deeply loving and safe container.



  • Light Language Activations 

  • Subconscious Clearing Meditations 

  • Connection to your Higher Self 

  • Powerful skills to know how to make aligned decisions 

  • Deep connection to your intuition

  • Activation of more of your gifts 

  • Energetic Clearings 

  • Cellular Reprogramming

  • Access to Inner Landscaping Content: Navigating your Inner Reality 

  • How to show up in compassion for someone going through a hard time 

  • How to handle triggers and show up better in all relationships 

  • Energetic Cleanliness

  • Learning to take Radical Self Responsibility 

  • Nurturing your Inner Child 

  • Play

  • Creative Expansion 

  • Deeper Embodiment Practices 

  • How to stay in your center and power regardless of what is happening in the world

  • And so much more as this journey will be curated to what is of the highest benefit for each individual



  • Deep soul connections with the others in your pod 

  • A sense of soul aligned community

  • Tools that will support you for the rest of your life

  • Greater soul embodiment 

  • Stepping more into your Divine Power 

  • Expanded Creativity



This will be a six month ceremony for your soul that will allow for deep transformation and fully embodied shifts. 


In this container there will be: 


  • 4 group zoom sessions per month

  • 3 one on one sessions with Lizzie 

  • Access to a private group where you can share questions and connect with each other



If you have not already, schedule a consultation with Lizzie Loch to see if you are aligned to this program.